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LOUD Shirt Day


Last Friday was Loud Shirt Day UK – a new national awareness campaign to raise money and awareness of Auditory Verbal UK, a charity teaching pre-school deaf children to listen and talk.

Auditory VerbalUK‘s early intervention programme has been transforming outcomes for severely and profoundly deaf children in the UK since 2003, with over 80% of children who graduate from the programme achieving spoken language equvalent to their hearing peers and most attending mainstream schools

The aim for the day was to wear our loudest, most garish shirts.


WP group


The whole team made an effort, with special commendations going to MD Nick, for his fabulously awful ensemble, and Head of Strategy Caroline, for her charity jumble rifling! Some of the other tenants at Jam Jar Studios got involved too, and we snapped a few pictures…


Group silly


… Before diving in to some celebratory pizzas!




We had a great time, for a great cause. You can find more information about Auditory Verbal on their website,


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Shooting our First Production in the TV studio



Lying Goliath commissioned Superkrush to produce two music videos for artist Rachelle Rhienne. The video for ‘Captivity’ was shot in the TV Studio, as we needed a large, enclosed space due to the planned content– a dance based concept with ribbons and flowing movement. Using the studio, Superkrush were able to play to Rachelle’s strengths – the raw emotion of her singing, the challenging subject matter of the song and her professional dance training.

The stark surroundings and heavily contrasted lighting enabled Superkrush to convey a ‘Noir’ style in the final video. The set used only the studio, an upright piano and a vintage bed – plus the ribbons than formed part of Rachelle’s costume. The ribbons were used to symbolize entrapment – making her appear like a puppet on strings as she is forced to play the piano. Shooting the video from a voyeur’s point of view, to symbolize her captor, enhanced the theme of captivity.

The 2nd music video was shot in one of Superkrush’s offices before the furniture was moved in. ‘Loving you is easy’ is a simple performance video against a visually striking background.

Both videos were shot in entirety at Jam Jar Studios over a 1 day location shoot.

“It’s been amazing…fun, professional, the set has been amazing…it’s been great!’ -Rachelle

See the full video on Rachelle’s YouTube channel.

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Five pieces of content a week…


Adidas newsroom produces weekly content


…Not five ads a year. Adidas uses newsrooms to produce regular content each week, rather than just a few high profile ad campaigns each year.

Across the world, 12 major cities play host to Adidas newsrooms. Marketers inside these hubs listen intently to the beat of life around them, believing these urban melting pots are where trends begin. With their finger on the pulse, they adapt autonomously to cultural shifts, producing content that resonates with their audience.

This approach represents a fundamental shift in content production. Rather than focusing solely on large budget ad campaigns, Adidas are placing an equal if not greater value on regular, audience specific content. They recognise the importance of reacting in real time, and to that end marketers are empowered to act independently within their cities – with access to the brand guideline repository, complete with best practice guides, studies and case reports. To this end, newsrooms are taking production and execution in-house, to ensure the quickest possible response.

At Superkrush, we are firm advocates for regular content. By turning out constantly fresh content, Adidas connect their brands with current trends and position themselves as influencers. Brand loyalty in increased through regular engagement, and affiliation with events and issues that the audience identifies with.

That is why Superkrush make it a priority to maximise the potential of all of our video content – we agree that multiple pieces of content, across multiple social platforms, drive greater engagement than solitary campaigns. We produce with this in mind, from inception to delivery; ensuring content is suitable across platforms and optimising it for maximum use. That way, you get the most out of your content (and budget!).



Article inspired by The Drum, “How Adidas is using newsrooms to create five great pieces of content a week, not just five great ads a year”, 7/4/16

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The Uprising of Online Video


Online video is bigger than ever.

Online video is bigger than ever.

More and more people are choosing to consume digital video content over traditional media. It isn’t uncommon to find young people who don’t own a television, using YouTube or streaming services to consume their content via laptops and digital devices – time spent watching YouTube in sitting rooms (akin to traditional television viewing) more than doubled last year. Cisco estimate video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

YouTube currently dominates digital video platforms, with over a billion users and 400+ hours of content uploaded every minute. The platform is hugely popular with the 18-34 year old market – reaching more users in the US than any cable network – and CEO Susan Wojcicki claims it as the primary entertainment platform for the younger generation.

YouTube’s most obvious rival is Facebook – now claiming more then 4 billion daily video views, with more than 70% of videos uploaded natively (and no longer hosted on YouTube). Snapchat is another digital player, with over 10 billion video views daily and 60% of users uploading video daily.

It is clear online video is popular with users, but how does that affect the advertising landscape? Previously, advertisers would apportion a large budget for traditional media and then look at online platforms like YouTube afterwards (if at all). Next year, however, EMarketer expects digital advertising spend to surpass TV spend. Wojcicki says “[YouTube are] being considered right alongside TV”. With online video ads delivering a 50% higher ROI than TV ads, it seems no wonder.


There’s never been a better time to market with video.



“How YouTube Will Take Over The World”, The Sunday Times, 10/04/16, pp 4-6

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