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Training Videos

Training Videos are an essential part of a companies internal communications, they save considerable time and resources and can be delivered on a number of platforms.  The key is to make them interactive and engaging, making the educating of staff an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

TSG The R & D dept

A humorous fictional drama based around the premise that TSG's Research & Development department is actually the Men in Black. Pizza delivery guy, Jed, is mistaken for a new agent and given the tour of the R & D facilities, that includes Robots, Aliens and talking Sheep.
TSG appointed Superkrush to create a webisode to kick start their video strategy. TSG were keen to stay away from the traditional corporate promo and wished to focus on a concept that met their objective and purpose.

Smoove and Turrell Gabriel

Music Video

Music Video for the immensely talented Smoove and Turrell sees the Singer John Turrell reliving the same nightmare over and over.

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