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Rachelle Rhienne Archives - Superkrush

Shooting our First Production in the TV studio



Lying Goliath commissioned Superkrush to produce two music videos for artist Rachelle Rhienne. The video for ‘Captivity’ was shot in the TV Studio, as we needed a large, enclosed space due to the planned content– a dance based concept with ribbons and flowing movement. Using the studio, Superkrush were able to play to Rachelle’s strengths – the raw emotion of her singing, the challenging subject matter of the song and her professional dance training.

The stark surroundings and heavily contrasted lighting enabled Superkrush to convey a ‘Noir’ style in the final video. The set used only the studio, an upright piano and a vintage bed – plus the ribbons than formed part of Rachelle’s costume. The ribbons were used to symbolize entrapment – making her appear like a puppet on strings as she is forced to play the piano. Shooting the video from a voyeur’s point of view, to symbolize her captor, enhanced the theme of captivity.

The 2nd music video was shot in one of Superkrush’s offices before the furniture was moved in. ‘Loving you is easy’ is a simple performance video against a visually striking background.

Both videos were shot in entirety at Jam Jar Studios over a 1 day location shoot.

“It’s been amazing…fun, professional, the set has been amazing…it’s been great!’ -Rachelle

See the full video on Rachelle’s YouTube channel.

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